Basic fare

Travel between Madrid, Zaragoza and Barcelona, tickets starting at €7. Children under 14 can travel for a fixed price of €5 provided that they are travelling with an adult holding a Basic Fare ticket, with a maximum of two child tickets per Basic Fare.


If you are a Spanish Large Family, do not forget to state this at the time you purchase your Avlo ticket, as you will benefit from the following discounts:

  • 20% off for Spanish Large Family members in the general category.
  • 50% off for Spanish Large Family members in the special category.

Why choose Avlo?


Travel in the easiest possible way, at the best price without compromising on any of the comforts.

Made to measure

Choose your seat, take an extra suitcase... or just kick back, relax and enjoy the trip.

WIFI – Play Renfe

Yes, that's right... stay connected on all Avlo trains!

From the heart of one city to another

The world at your fingertips much faster. Travel between city centres.

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